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King Khalid University

King Khalid University

King Khalid University (KKU) was the eighth government-created university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which operates 28 universities.

Located in Abha, KKU was founded on May 05,1998 (09/01/1419 AH), on a royal visit to the Aseer region by late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques king Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, the then Crown Prince. He ordered to merge the campuses of Imam Mohammed bin Saud University with those of King Saud University in the region.

The merger led to the foundation of KKU.

Since its foundation, KKU has witnessed atangible and marvelous development; it was recently deemed one of the biggest universities in terms of enrollment.

Over 72,000 students have enrolled in KKU, 70% of them female who study at scientific, theoretical, and medical schools.

Located across the Aseer region, the schools hire 3,500 demonstrators, lecturers, and faculties.

KKU's role is not confined to offering high-caliber services, providing an outstanding academic environment, or enlarging its geographic sphere to serveall areas of the Aseer region.

In addition, its new university city, being executed in Al-Fara’h, 15km south of Abha, will be a mega academic complex in the world.

It is extends over 8,000,000m2 of which buildings and facilities occupy 3,000,000m2.

The new city capacity will hold 100,000 people, and comprise a variety of schools, deanships, research centers, faculty housing compounds, and student dormitories as well as a sport city for 20,000 spectators and a state of the art, 800-bed university hospital handling all medical specializations with an additional 240-outpatient clinics.