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Conference Topics

Conference Topics

Terror has expanded unprecedentedly in various regions of the world, particularly, in some Arab countries.

This renders it a complex phenomenon where penal, criminal, and psychological aspects intermingle with political, economic, and ideological perspectives.

Basically, terror is any deviant conduct which threatens societal stability; violates human norms and laws; and conspires to destabilize a country by implanting fear into the minds of its citizens.

Terror's destructive power is increasing, especially with the fast-pace development of terror forms and practices.

Terrorists use media in any way possible to promote their criminal operations; to recruit youth; and to circulate rumors to realize their goals and those of agencies supporting them.

This has subjected more and more countries to the perils of terror.

This conference discusses the dialectic relationship linking mass media and terrorism, which covers newspaper front-pages, takes over coverage on radio and TV news bulletins, and raises controversy on social media.

The conference probes reasons behind this phenomenon, and shows how it has grown globally.

It puts a spotlight on its effect for individuals, institutions, and society amid a sea of changes worldwide.

It researches strategies and explores what it takes to confront terrorism worldwide.

It shines a light on media agencies' roles in helping to contain terror rather than to spread it.

It detects different approaches to terror and works to forge public opinion against it in order that tolerance and moderation may prevail in society.

Tackling terror of various types and aspects has become an intricate issue, raising concerns for media professionals and those in charge of political regimes and international organizations equally.