abha - Ksa



•    Media and Terrorism: concepts and dimensions

1) The variety of terror concepts in mass media.

2) Mass media tackling terrorist forms.

3) Terrorism: political, religious, social, cultural, and historical dimensions in mass media.

4) Why does terrorism emerge and spread from a mass media perspective?

•     Media's promotion of terrorism: repercussions on society

1) How media promotes terrorism in societies.

2) Impacts and perils to religious, socioeconomic, political, cultural and security spheres.

•    Terrorism, Arabs and the International Media

1) Arab government-run media efforts to tackle terrorism.

2) Arab private mass media efforts to tackle terrorism.

3) International mass media coverage of terror operations.

4) Terrorism and how to deal with it policy-wise from international media agencies perspectives.

5) Media coverage of international terror operations on Arab and international media.

6) The Terror Phenomenon: how it is serves media institution economies in the Arab world and the world.

•   Terrorism and new media

1) Terror publicity and rumor in new media.

2) Terror groups harnessing social media networks to recruit young men and to promote deviant thought.

3) Social media network's role in circulating terror.

•   Terror and confrontation strategies

1) Media strategies guaranteeing combatting terror.

2) Roles played by religious and security media agencies infacing terror.

3) Roles played by the family, religious and educational institutions, political organizations, and civil society in facing terror.

4) Roles played by media campaigns and development planning in curtailing terror activities.

5) Arab and international media strategies experience in combatting terror to date.