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Abha City

Abha City

Abha, located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the administrative headquarters and the regional capital of the Aseer region.

It is one of the Kingdom’s most important cities having a multitude of ministries represented.

On the edge of the Hejaz Escarpment, Abha city is surrounded by the governorates of Khamis Mushait, Al-Numas, and Mahayl. It is one of the most popular summer resorts nationwide and a real tourist city thanks to its moderate weather throughout the year due to its altitude.

It is described as The Mountain Bride, The Lady of Fog, Fabulous Abha, thanks to its marvelous natural surroundings. Recently, it was selected as the Capital of Arab Tourism for 2017.

Abha city covers about 5,000 hectares, and is 2,200m above sea level.

Ancient citadels on rocky crags catch visitors’ eyes; these are the remains of the Ottoman colonial period, including the citadels of Dharah, Shamsan, Abu Khyal, and Dagel.

The Ottomans selected Abha as their headquarters to govern the region.

Abha is a city of a unique traditional architecture different to others prevalent on the Arabian Peninsula.

Most of Abha's heritage buildings are made of mud supported by straight lines of stones which taper gradually to the top.

Usually, the buildings are surrounded by a courtyard fitted with a large wooden gate of acacia, junipers, or tamarisk which grow throughout the region.

The ancient buildings still stand tall with their eye-catching architecture resting side by side with modern buildings where their time-honored heritage interacts with the modern-day cityscape.

Visitors can witness modern-day Abha’s far reaching economic, commercial, and urban development, which has been introduced to the city in recent years.

The city has expanded to comprise 50 districts where academic institutions, various government bodies, malls, apartment blocks, luxury villas, and hotels expand to serve its visitors.

The King Khalid University campus is one of the vital centers in the city.