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Conference Logo

Conference Logo

The logo design of the 2nd International Conference on Media and Terrorism: tactics and strategies is the gist of the notion summing up all conference topics, objectives, and perspectives.

Besides any traditional logos or associations known to the worldwide public, the design is a challenge to the idea, a matter that was borne in mind when the logo was designed.

The design was worked out in a way mirroring the concepts governing the relations between terror and mass media.

Terror groups harness modern-day media to promote their own thought and to publicize their criminal practices to the maximum

on one hand, the mass media rush to cover their goings-on worldwide, and on the other, international terrorist organizations "need" this cover age.

This was how the idea of creating the design was crystallized.

As terror and mass media feed off each other in an endless cycle, a man carrying a magnifying glass was the core of logo design.

As for the digits zero and one, they symbolize advanced technology used nowadays.

They mirror the basic values used in intricate calculations processed within a variety of softwares.

Work cannot go smoothly using modern-day communication tools, be they traditional or contemporary, without depending on high technology.

The color orange was chosen as the basic color in the logo as the internationally-recognized warning and alarm symbol uses it to indicate high alerts and potential hazards to protect the general population.

The only color surpassing orange in the five alarm color scale is red referring to the highest alert.

This is why orange was selected. It reflects the current status of the world vis-à-vis international terror.

The other lines surrounding the logo in various colors signify media briskness in covering the goings-on.

Asad A. Qaoud

Deputy editor in chief, art director

Afaq Newspaper, KKU