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The Exhibition

The Exhibition

As international conferences cannot make a success without additional activities and events, the International Conference on Media and Terrorism steps up to the plate in this as well.

When King Khalid University (KKU) resolved to organize this conference tackling an intricate issue at the international level, it took into account that the activities and events held concurrently with the conference should not be secondary.

Rather, they should perform a role as important the conference theme due to the pivotal role played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in combating international terror.

In addition, media plays a sensitive, effective role in this warfare thanks to the participation of national, regional, and international mass media in the conference.

This explains why KKU has been keen on supporting a multifaceted exhibition, shedding light on the following:

•Efforts exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in combatting terror;

•Efforts exerted by Saudi official and private institutions to support the country in fighting terror;

•Cultural and artistic efforts exerted by the Saudi community to express their rejection of all forms of terror through:

•plastic arts