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Message by the academic committee chair

Message by the academic committee chair

The academic committee was taken by surprised at the mass of requests coming from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi  Arabia to participate in this conference; there were over 1,000 requests.

This response put a lot of pressure on the committee, which handled each request separately, and finally had to sieve through them down to just 130 selections.

The committee is currently reviewing all this academic research submitted to the conference for final selection.

The Department of Media and Communications, School of Humanities, King Khalid University, is pleased to organize this international conference the second in our fledging department, which was established just three years ago.

The academic committee will be inviting international media channels, social media networks, strategic centers, as well as local  and international organizations to cover all aspects of the subject matter.

We aspire to chalking out a draft international communique on how media should deal with terror. This is, definitely, an aspiration we intend to reach.

Prof. Dr. Ali AlKarni

Head of Media & Communications Department, KKU