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Message by the organizing committee chair

Message by the organizing committee chair

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a pioneer in combatting terrorism and has accumulated vast experience in fighting terrorism for years.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has worked toward making elaborate plans to rid the world of this grave plague.

It has contributed actively by holding regional and international conferences on terrorism.

It has proven to the entire world its seriousness and sincerity in combatting terrorism thanks to successive security victories waged to uproot it.

In addition, it has harnessed its agencies to protect society against this plague and its hazards.

Based upon the belief in its educational and academic mission at the national, regional, and international levels, King Khalid University is holding a 2nd International Conference on Media and Terrorism: tactics and strategies. We are hosting a pool of media experts who  will offer their visions on the significance of media and how to harness it to combat terrorism objectively.

For over a year, the conference organizing committee has been working ardently to hold such a landmark event on campus.

I wish you all the best.

Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hasoon

Vice-rector for Education and Academic Affairs

Chair of Organizing Committee